Our Mission

The plant-based industry needs more

Flavour, variety & versatility

We make use of diverse protein sources, with a specific focus on alternatives to soy and wheat

Transparent labelling

We lessen reliance on processed protein and explore underutilised crops with superior environmental credentials

Affordable cost

We optimise yields by producing root to tip solutions, to improve the economics of the plant-based sector

Our purpose

Creative, considered plant-based products

Plant-based food future

Creative, considered, new foods to support the protein shift

Better for the planet & us

Creating new innovative products and solutions to support healthy eating and responsible food production

Scientist expertise

A team of scientists with years of expertise striving for a conscious plant-based future


Shaping the future of plant-based foods

Technical extrusion

Developing textured vegetable protein products and snack products – specialising in less refined ingredients

Upcycling by-products

Utilising ingredients such as oilseed press cake, a by-product from the oil pressing industry and starch/fibre streams from protein extraction

Multi-disciplinary category expertise

Focused on new product development, delivering solutions to challenges faced by the category

Our Products

Celebrating plant powered foods

Our team

The brains behind Rootiful

Dr Sarah Gaunt



Rebecca McDowell



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